Energy Storage


It is common sense today that the whole global energy demand could be covered by renewable energy produced by sun, wind and bio mass. The real challenge is to provide energy at the time when required and independent from the time it is produced.

Based on today's energy mix in Germany renewable energy has a market share of 25-30% and it will continue to grow – even at currently low prices for oil and gas.


Our objective is to further increase the market share of renewable energies by means of intelligent energy storage solutions. For this we combine and integrate energy storage products available on the market into a customer specific system solution. By means of of a mature control system software the storage units will be connected intelligently.


Beyond that with our customer specific energy storage solutions we intend to sustainable reduce the operating cost of production systems with high energy consumption and of local energy supplier as well.


Under consideration of the particular characteristics of the individual storage media and the „total cost of life cycle“ we are able to realize a solution for our customers generating value add.


Based on our energy storage solutions operating cost will be optimized for industrial and public customers and energy producers will generate additional earnings.



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