Operations of un-subsidized Plants


As a global forerunner the German Government decided in 1999 to subsidize plants and systems for the generation of renewable energy in order to achieve Germany‘s environmental improvement objectives.


The so called „Renewable Energy Law“ (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz EEG) since then is the motor of the growth and extension of renewable energy generation in Germany. As of 2017 the subsidies for all in future installed systems for renewable energy generation will be determined via competitive biddings.


For renewable energy generation systems and plants being installed between years 2000 and 2016 the guaranteed feed-in-tariff decreases step-by-step to zero within the next years. So the owners and investors have to answer the following questions for these old plants: Continue operation? Demolish and utilize? Replacement investment?


In order to achieve the governmental set climate protection targets the renewable energy generation plants need to be operated in future and further extension of renewable energy generation is necessary. This on the other hand requires a stable frame work and conditions providing planning and investment security.


We develop customer specific storage solutions in order to generate earnings through the operation of renewable energy systems and plants in future as well. Our business models consider the forecasted market environment and optimize future profit.



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